Max Carlish in Pete in Kate on Channel 4

Stalking Pete Doherty, Channel 4’s 10 pm documentary last night was one of the oddest and most disturbing TV shows I’ve ever seen.Opinion on Popbitch and the C4 messageboard is surprisingly fairly united: Carlish is obviously seriously ill, and even ‘junkie scum’, grubby handed Kate Moss marrying rock singer Pete Doherty deserves some sympathy for the relentless pursual and harrassment he suffered at the lens of Carlish.

The film was essentially a documentary about the failed documentary that media studies teacher Carlish wanted to make about the Libertines’ ex-singer. It focused more on Carlish and his own increasingly disturbing quest to “have [his] moment of fame” than it did on the heavy drug use and erratic behaviour of Doherty. I was pretty shcoked to see footage of Carlish filming himself (this was actually about 50% of the film), shouting his love for Pete – over and over again, having a tantrum when he wasn’t allowed backstage with some students he’d brought along, crying and sobbing, dancing in his bedroom at his mum’s house to Electric Dreams, asking Pete how it felt to be “more loved than Kurt Cobain” – a highly questionable claim… the man is relentless after the sense of car-crash TV humour died off (about two minutes in), the uneasiness crept in.

I have to say that in retrospect, Carlish obviously needs care and attention, and that in some ways the film should not have been broadcast. Hearing him scream “I know Pete a million times better than you!” at one of Doherty’s friends, or doing his “Max – on Pete – in Kate; Max inside Kate – on top of Pete” bit wasn’t funny, it was pretty embarrassing and made me feel like I was at a freakshow, and should have known better.

Update: Comments closed on this post. While amusing, they were clearly off topic. Feel free to contact me if you feel you’ve got something relevant to add to this. Cheers.

11 thoughts on “Max Carlish in Pete in Kate on Channel 4

  1. ??

    Semi-educated – how? What’s a full education? How would you know anything about my education? If we know each other (which I doubt), then why not let me see who you are?

    Twat? Possibly.

    Don’t know what I’m talking about? Rubbish.

    Perhaps this is Max Carlish himself, come to lay anger on his critics. I’ll give you a clue, Max: no one likes you. You were the butt of the joke! If you’re not Max, you’re clearly someone who shares his utter lack of charm and grace. Get bent.

  2. hey morons,
    have you ever met max? or know him? you guys have just no idea what you are actually talking about!

    the guy with the wildest horses and the softest couches

  3. Well for instance I got a good degree from one of the best unis in the world, whereas you dropped out and buggered off to Barcelona. That’s what I mean by semi-educated. As for not knowing what you’re talking about, just look at what Flo says. That’s 2-1 mate. As for being a twat, don’t you delight in making a point of being obnoxious in your other sad efforts to get attention and be controversial for your tiny audience ? As for Max being hated by everyone do you even know him ?

  4. What I originally wrote in this post was about a documentary film made by Max Carlish about Pete Doherty, the way it was presented by Channel 4 and the way I felt during and after watching it.

    I think that ‘anonymous’ is clearly trying to push the discussion onto a dissection of my character, and I shouldn’t have responded to him/her in the first place.

    I have absolutely no feelings about Max Carlish or Pete Doherty other than they both appear to be pretty unhinged individuals.

    I never make an effort to be obnoxious or even controversial on because I think that would be childish. If people find me obnoxious, well I’m sorry for that. I don’t think people do… except for ‘anonymous’, of course.

    Anyone who knows me will know that I came to Barcelona after falling in love with a Catalan girl with whom I’m getting married this year. I try not to bang on about personal stuff here because I’m much more interested in Catalan politics and Royal Trux, two subjects which ‘anonymous’ might find me willing to talk about.

    On re-reading my original post, I see nothing which could possibly offend anyone. I must therefore assume that the offence has come from some inference on the readers’ parts – and from the hasty comment I left in response to a personal attack.

    I have no interest in which university ‘anonymous’ went to, or who they are (I know that they’re not someone I’d ever spend much time with, given their rude and stupid attitude). I will only ask that before you post any comments, try to read the original post again and make your comments on that. Don’t try to read between the lines: there’s nothing there. I’m not trying to imply anything bad about Max Carlish, so I fail to see any justification for such unpleasantness.


  5. Tom… you can be a bit of a twat at times, but at the very least an educated one!

    Max, you are a gimp.

  6. What I really hate about you, Tom, is that you give your second best teddy bear to Oxfam and coca cola to your fag and expect us to lick your frigid fingers for the rest of your frigid life.

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