McCain: them Spanish names all sound the damn same!

Poor old John McCain. Yes, he of the strange shape. Yes, he of the hilarious “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” song. I’m not writing about the US presidential elections for various reasons, but given that this is a Spain-related story, I couldn’t resist.

Republican presidential candidate, John McCain was being interviewed recently about how he’d manage relations with the various leaders of Latin American countries upon which the US wreaks havoc at will who don’t have great relations with the United States. As if in training for another GenericOff, McCain muttered about standing up to America’s enemies etc…. But when the interviewer asked him about Spanish PM, Zapatero, McCain allegedly went blank and blustered for a bit, clearly clueless about exactly who this Zapatero guy is.

Now there will be some out there who see this as a surefire sign that Zapatero’s a loser who has taken Spain ‘off the world stage’ where it was put by prince Ansar. That’s the wrong tack, I reckon. The truth is that these days, politicians (and especially presidential candidates) have to answer so many questions about so many things that all they can really do is bluster banal generalities, hoping that they don’t mess it up. McCain’s an old man (which makes this sort of thing that much harder) and clearly suffers from some psychological problems, along with cancer, so I think people should just cut the man some slack and leave him be.

Yes, he’s a dangerous fool; yes, he probably will be president (and potentially an even worse one than GWB); yes, he called his own wife a cunt; yes, he will probably die in office, leaving the the “ugliest hottie ever” to manage the world’s only superpower in the style of a hockey mom…. but you know, there are a hell of a lot of things that McCain doesn’t know, many of them far more important than the PM of Spain’s name.

7 thoughts on “McCain: them Spanish names all sound the damn same!

  1. On the whole – it would have been better for Spain in McCane had of heard of Zapatero. Nice try!
    Mind you, I’m with the gang on the subject of the grotesque hockey-mom.

  2. I can’t figure how the Democrats think they’re going to win Republican votes by saying all Republicans are stupid. Obviously didn’t learn from the Michael Moore debacle.

    Nice quote for all you Obamite state-control freaks: “If you talk to Warren [Buffet], he’ll tell you his preference is not to meddle in the economy at all – let the market work, however way it’s going to work, and then just tax the heck out of people at the end and just redistribute it,” Obama said. “That way you’re not impeding efficiency, and you’re achieving equity on the back end.”

  3. I refer to the right-wing economist who, apparently privately, noted “If you want small government, vote Democrat”. This whole ‘statist’ thing is BS. The GWB presidency has built a prodigious budget defecit.

    Obama was wrong in his assertion. I just loathe McCain more.

  4. If you think McCain isn’t too bright, take a look at his VP candidate. She makes McCain look like Pericles. And I’m sorry but he’s just too damn old to be president. If he worked for the government they would have forced him to retire seven years ago. He should be sitting on a park bench in Miami Beach bitching about the humidity.

  5. Trebolin there simply some votes you can’t ever hope to win, like the freaks who want McCain to win in order for god to smite him and make the mountain momma president. They exist. God Help Us All.

    Tom: are you messing with poor old Ansar?

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