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Don’t call me a Nazi or I’ll kill you

The other day, a young left-wing activist was stabbed to death during a brawl in a Madrid metro train, by a neo-Nazi. The neo-Nazi, a soldier named Josué Estébanez de la Hija, yesterday explained why he had stabbed young ‘Carlos Javier P.’ with a 25cm knife. Apparently, he got scared after the left-wingers who were accosting Josué and his neo-Nazi pals chanted that they were ‘neo-Nazis’. After this terrifying provocation, Josué stabbed the 16 year-old in the heart. Apparently, Josué hasn’t alleged that any of the anti-fascists attacked him first, just that he got scared and lashed out (he injured a couple of others, as well as stabbing the 16 year-old in the heart with his 25cm blade).

Now it strikes me that an open far-right activist, on his way to attend a far-right demonstration, should probably have considered that he might get shouted at for being… well, what he is.

Of course, the story is nonsense but tragic. Carlos was, apparently, unarmed. Several political demonstrations have been stopped from taking place since the murder ocurred. But fear not! The Falange will be allowed to make their (now potentially illegal) march from Madrid to el Valle de los Caídos. Great news for fascist-fans.