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Prussian Blue - the Nazi Pop TwinsYesterday, after watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (0/1) and Turistas (1/1) we flicked over to More 4 to watch a documentary which was first broadcast in July this year. It concerned Lamb and Lynx Gaede, the teenaged twins who comprise Prussian Blue, a Nazi pop band. I’d heard of Prussian Blue before, probably through the Popbitch message-board, but had never really given them much thought. The documentary offered some insight into these Nazi pop twins and the way they were manipulated and pushed around by their scary mother, April. The twins, aged around 14 or 15 in the film, were clearly? trying to distance themselves somewhat from the White Pride / National Vanguard movements.

The film was naturally full of unpleasant views , mostly espoused by the awful April and her equally unpleasant father. At onepoint, during a small argument about signing CDs for members of the White Pride movement, April could be heard saying to one of her daughters that she should help out for a bit and that “Then you can be as much of a cunt as you like for the rest of the evening”. I hope that Lynx and Lamb find the strength to make the break with the atrocious philosophy forced on them by their mother. She’s one of those annoying people, incidentally, who doesn’t understand language or logic: the thought that she could define racism and that what she promoted wasn’t racism because she didn’t call it that. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, the documentary is well worth watching. It should be noted that such families are extremely rare in the USA… failure to remember this would be thoroughly anti-American.The reason they don’t make many documentaries about all the other, normal families is that they probably wouldn’t be as interesting as a film about some Nazi Pop Twins.

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  1. Watched this when it first aired. It was disturbing to the point where one wondered if it was actually a spoof documentary. However it wasn’t as Louis Theroux had done a documentary on the girls a few years previous.

    The change in the girls since the Theroux doc is quite obvious: They were well and truely under their mothers wing, singing rascist songs under her guidance etc. But here they are waking up to what has been going on. I got the impression that they weren’t so much trying to distance themselves, more that it is happening naturally as they realise how they have been used. I feel sorry for the girls but will probably end up despising them if the mother has her way.

    Look no further to see where some of the problems with the ‘youth of today’ come from. Blatant rascism has been passed down from grandfather to daughter to grandchildren (including a baby boy a few months old if I remember correctly). Hopefully Lamb & Lynx will break the chain.

  2. those two girls are the most satanic people i have ever seen.if i could tell them one thig i would say i hope you two die like hitler did .their mother should have been burned at birth and i hope they one day reliaze that even if i dont like them God does,and he loves eveyone else ,even blacks and jews …..hint hint im jewish

  3. I onestly don’t hate these girls…. I truly feel sorry for them! Myself I’m an antiracist skinhead…. and oppose this nazi type of thing! Hopefully the girls can make up their minds for them selvs insted of their nazi mom.

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